July 23, 2005


Here in the midwest of the U.S.ofA. on this hot July Saturday you're apt to find quite a few guys on the prowl tonight. The percentage of them who will get laid is anybody's guess. My guess is that it will be frustratingly low. In Germany guys can buy a copy of Freizeit Magazine, and clip out a coupon for a brothel in Austria which is good for a half hour of free (legal) sex with the babe of their choice. Ha! What a bunch of losers.

Here in America, excluding Nevada, sex-for-hire is kept out on the streets where it belongs. This way our horny guys and 'working girls' are able to add the elements of risk and adventure to their encounters. VD? You bet, and lots of it. Violence? Johns beating up whores; pimps and boyfriends beating up and robbing johns. Arrests? Not only do we get to run commercial sex through the court system, it's also a wonderful opportunity for our law enforcement officers to dress up as hookers and johns, and hone their acting skills, all the while being watched and listened to by an audience of fellow officers who will be able to coach them and help them become better whores.

I have to laugh at those Euro weenies with their coupons, patronizing respectable sex workers. This is bad. There's a huge industry all across the world devoted to kidnapping young girls and turning them out as prostitutes. When you legalize prostitution you might be putting these hard working people out of business, along with taking away a traditional concession of your local vice squad.

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