August 04, 2005

Distorting Her Makeup

I guess not many people care about Katherine Harris' argumentum ad hominem woes in Florida. Why should anyone care if her feelings are hurt by the elementary-school level attacks on her appearance. By my standards, Ms. Harris is a nice looking lady. Most of my friends don't wear so much makeup, but, hey, this is America, if you want to wear makeup don't let me stop you. (sorry, Abe)

Her complaint, reported by the Tampa Tribune, and picked up by Drudge, was that the MSM had been "colorizing" her photos to accentuate her makeup. Ms. Harris' makeup problems started at the same time most people in America found out who she was: the 2000 Florida recount. The jokes were flying, the Trib recalls, "One Democratic commentator compared her to Cruella DeVil of the Disney movie 101 Dalmatians.' Comic Jay Leno said a cold snap made Florida so chilly Harris "put on a third layer of makeup.''" My own favorite was the Saturday Night Live "Weekend Update" wherein Darrell Hammond as Jesse Jackson says:

"But I digress.. Dick Cheney - big ol' butt; one Denny's Grand Slam away from dead. Let's make sense. Now, Mr. Bush has appealed to the highest court in the land. Next Tuesday night, we will march on the steps of the courthouse, and when Katherine Harris come out.. look like Dracula.."

Drudge posted this photo of Harris with his link to the Tampa Trib story. I photoshopped it a bit to see what she meant by colorize. On the left is the original. In the center I tried to minimize her makeup , removing the blue eye shadow and reducing the 'shine' on her face. Now if I wanted to make Ms. Harris look garishly made-up, I would do what I did in the image at the right. I couldn't do anything with her choice of lipstick color. Look like Dracula to you?

Leftist fruit blogger Zenyata thinks the papers have pasted that cool moustache onto the new Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton. And the S.D. Watch has the pancake makeup makeup flap on its "Must Read" list. In the time it took me to photshop the pic, dozens of other blogs have picked this up. it could be big!

Update:Michele Malkin has a collection of photoshop foopas here: "Katherine Harris vs. The Photo Doctors". Also: DadGum comments that Ms. Harris is "good looking in a swampy southern mansion sort of way." Does this look swampy enuff for you?

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