August 06, 2005

The right decision.

Hiroshima - John Hersey
Every year I dig out this book and read it again. I have been doing this since you could buy a new paperback for 75 cents. From what I know about the way World War II came to an end, I think the US did the right thing to use the bomb. This book follows several people who were in Hiroshima that day. It is quite graphic, even without pictures.
These cats' personal experiences, while horrific, weren't much worse than the suffering caused by the giant B-29 incendiary bombings of Tokyo and other cities which preceeded the A-Bomb. But the psychological effect on Japan was far worse, enough to bring a surrender.

At an air show years ago, I got a chance to to meet the crew of the Enola Gay, thank them for their great service, and shake their hands. Afterward it occurred to me that I had just shook hands with the man who had killed more people with one stroke than anyone else in history: the bombardier. I hope no one beats his record.

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