August 21, 2005

Goat Milkin' Mama

In Lithuania two young jackers thought they had some easy pickins' when they threw down a 93 yr old woman and proceded to enter her house. When the first one attempted to walk by her she sprang up and grabbed him where it was apt to hurt the most. One might think that two young dudes could force her to let go but that was not about to happen.

'Soja' has been milking goats probably a lot longer than the hoodlums have been alive and claimed to have a 'grip like iron'. And apparently a will like a pit bull. So it may be that the young tough was gelded by an old milk maid and will never father a 2nd generation B&E man. If, in fact, that's the way it will play out you can call it what you want but it sounds like justice to me.

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