August 22, 2005

Senator Chuck Hagel's sad Viet-Nam fixation

Too bad Chuck Hagel had to get mixed up in the Viet-Nam war. His personal witness of the events we lump together as "Viet-Nam" has left him with an inability to view those 'bad old days' rationally. His twisted historical perspective necessarily colors his judgment vis-à-vis current events. Viet-Nam, Viet-Nam, Viet-Nam; some vets just can't make that refrain stop playing in their heads. John Kerry couldn't do it.; look what it did to his political aspirations. Nebraska's own Senator Bob 'One Foot Bridge' Kerry is so permeated with the taint of Viet-Nam, he quit politics and now seeks to assuage his guilt by working for the anti-war crowd that calls him a war criminal.

I have to conclude that Viet-Nam, one way or another, tends to stick to a politician like stink to a goat. Viet-Nam, Viet-Nam, Viet-Nam; it won't stop, Senator Hagel. It is going to play in your head for the rest of your life. If only you could stop letting it spill out of your mouth! This old feeder is sick of how it makes you criticise President Bush for being brave enough to take on the truly big problems facing America. Just because 'Nam left you crippled and timid, don't think everyone shares your delusion. To consider turning and running when the going gets tough is to repeat our Viet-Nam mistake. That is your legacy, Senator, leave it in the past. As it is now, every time you cry about Viet-Nam, you insult our President and dishonor your comrades whose names are on that black wall. If you can't fix your thinking and heal your 'Nam wounds, at least shut your festering gob!

See Hagel's latest embarrassing ejaculations made on MSM TV at WOWT News:Hagel Blasts Iraq Policy.
"Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel says the war in Iraq has destabilized the Middle East and is looking more like the Vietnam conflict from a generation ago."


Hagel said U.S. involvement in Iraq has destabilized the Middle East and that the longer we stay there, the further destabilization will occur.
Hagel said staying the course is not a sound policy.

He said, ``By any standard, when you analyze two-and-a-half years in Iraq, we're not winning.''

[emphasis added - PF]

Update: You really should see Ryne McClaren's post on Hagel's TV whine: Preview 2008.
For more on defeatism, see World War II Cartoons from Dr. Seuss at Nickie Goomba. Hat tip: Bruce at Conservative Cat.

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