August 31, 2005

New Orleans Looters

Nobody deserves to die of cholera,
but some cats have got it coming.

Katrina Looter Links:

Michelle Malkin has the low-down on the looters here:
"YOU LOOT, I SHOOT" and here.
DottyNana faults Wal-Mart for selling guns
to poor folks (read: negroes)
but OKs looting as long as its
covered by insurance. And I'm mean.
Don't Let Me Stop You figures 'foraging' is OK
but snagging a new TV is not.
For Ryne McClaren looting is just a distraction,
"There are important things to worry about right now,
and they have nothing to do with
some guy who is packing away a free television set."
Charles, at Job 21:3, rightly accuses the looters of being
"so ungrateful they can’t appreciate their very survival".
Even Renee's Midwest Bloggin' has an exception to
the Eighth Commandment for essentials.
Neal Boortz: Shoot to kill
Mike Baham in the Bayou Buzz also: Shoot To Kill
Don't Let Me Stop You has More About Looting
and picks up Peggy Noonan's After the Storm
in which she calls the nastiness "piggism".
In the State of Anarchy, it's still FUBAR
Mas Michelle
Truth is, the storm was an act of God; a perfectly natural event. The looting and concomitant violence are acts of men and women with free will and consciences. Ask Noah whether God ever subscribes to the PANG (People Are No Good) theory. Sometimes I really can't stand my fellow humans. Most of 'em, anyhow. That is why I have a gun. You loot the Feedlot and I'll shoot you. But ask nice, and I might just share.

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