August 27, 2005

World (non) news

PT's gone for a day or two so I think I'll get out the old blog and see if I can't counteract his thoughtful and informed political pieces with a little necessary foolishness. A German Opera Company is performing 'The Yellow Princess' by a French composer. They not only plan to smoke joints on the stage but will encourage the audience to do likewise to " see what they can get away with". In New York a couple years ago Keith Richards upset the moral authorities when he lit a store-bought cigarette on stage.

Moving to the Far East, consider 73 yr old Wang Ying from China who has had an inoperable tumor growing staight out of his head from between his eyes most of his life. The world is full of wimps and weaklings (like myself) who would consider that somewhat of a disadvantage. Not so with Mr. Ying, a devotee of Kung Fu, who can hook a rope around that tumor and lift 14 bricks. Most people would probably find good looking Lance Armstrong's amazing story more edifying, but I don't know that I would agree.

As one who has spent some time trying to work with the always present, always elusive 'Qi' I can appreciate what Mr. Ying has accomplished. That being said, so that there can be no mistake regarding the respect I have for this guy, I can't help wondering if know, I mean do you suppose some are *attracted* to his tough old tumor? If he's really good with his Qi that could help explain why he's smiling.

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