August 25, 2005

Without Communism,Russkies must kill their babies.

Saw this on Drudge: More Abortions Than Births in Russia -- Health Official... a Mosnews.commie story (which really comes from Bloomberg, so it could be true): "Russians, whose lives are shorter and poorer than they were under communism, have more abortions than births to avoid the costs of raising children".

Wah wah wah. Those commie squares let their nasty government threaten me with nuclear doomsday since I can remember. Now that they can't get the government to steal from their neighbors for them, they find themselves too f--ked up to steal, their initiative atrophied and their hopes revealed for Marxist lies.

Seeing as how the Russians' lives are so wretched these days, it's probably a blessing that they are shorter.

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