September 10, 2005

Canada gets tough on terror, eh?

If you thought Canada (send me your draftdodgers, your capital criminals, your terrorists yearning to breathe free) was welcoming Islamic Terrs with open arms, you had better think again. As Mahmoud Jab-allah, the former Toronto Islamic school principal said to be a big shot in the Egyptian terrorist group, al-Jihad. puts it in the National Post: "'This country was supposed to be different,' he said. 'Why I came to Canada? Because I know this country respects humans.'"

What's the matter Mahmoud? Did they make you eat Canadian bacon? National Health not good enough for you? Cigarettes too expensive? I'll bet you just don't like jail. And when you say the maple leaf goons are worse than the prison bulls in Egypt, I know you are lying. No mercy, indeed.

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