September 10, 2005

Americans just plain don't want niggers to have guns

Why is it that, even though Americans are more or less generally supportive of the Second Amendment, we have accepted the disarming of the civil populace in the wake of hurricane Katrina? Volokh, one of the first giants of the blogosphere to address this Constitutional catastrophe, may have the answer in this Reason article from February, 2005: The Klan's Favorite Law: Gun control in the postwar South:
"If you believe everything that Michael Moore says in Bowling for Columbine and his books, then you would think that 'pro-gun' people are white racists, and that 'gun control' would be a wonderful way to help minorities. But a look at America's past reveals what historian Clayton Cramer has accurately called 'The Racist Roots of Gun Control.'"
Down South, (and I'm guessing it would play the same 'up North') otherwise decent, law abiding Americans just plain don't want niggers to have guns. (Or white folks either, if they are so poor as to be niggers.)

As it is the fashion to say these days, this is not acceptable. So why are you accepting it?

Update: "Sean Penn stuns fans as he is pictured in NY POST roaming the streets of hurricane hit New Orleans -- armed with a shotgun!..." From the Drudge Report. I guess Mr. Penn is neither a 'nigger' nor is he poor, so it must be OK.

Wizbang: Who cares what happens to black people as long as Democrats stay in office, right?

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