September 20, 2005

Chupacabras hits Omaha

TheOmahaChannel has this wonderful hometown story: Cult May Have Killed Goats. It seems the "goats were found Friday with all the blood drained from the animals near 71st Street and Cornhusker Road inside their regular pen. The goats were strangled and hog-tied."

The Nebraska Humane Society is investigating. If whoever did this is caught, they will get no mercy. The old feeder thinks maybe the perpetrators won't be caught. If they are, they might be only minions of still sicker benefactors.

There are practicing satanists and believers in santeria here in Nebraska. Some of the former are well placed in Omaha society. (For a hint, see The Johnny Gosch Blog.) The feeder would only be guessing in the case of santeria, but I believe either group could have done this.

Who knows, Maybe we have vampires? Nah. Too goth. It has to be the Chupacabras.
WOWT has this: Tina Updegrove of the Nebraska Humane Society says,"On further inspection is when they found the holes in their jugular."

Maybe it is connected to the Equinox?

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