September 21, 2005

Fall Equinox is tomorrow

Day/Night as of today - Click for larger image

The Autumnal or Fall Equinox is tomorrow around supper time. I use GeoClock software, and it shows how the days and nights are the same length at the Equinox. Some say you can balance an egg on it's end on this day. I suspect there isn't anything to the egg business, but the Equinox , together with the Solstice, has a hoary tradition. Since humans became humans, and maybe before, these readily observable solar phenomena have been deemed important or auspicious.

Today, Wiccans and practitioners of other supposedly ancient belief systems, are about the only folks besides weather geeks who get a rise out of the Equinox. (Read what Wiccan blogger Andy has to say about it at Better Way.) We don't link to devil worshipers' blogs here at Plains Feeder, but I'm sure they are similarly excited .

The old feeder can't help but think that the incident of goat suckery near Omaha and noted yesterday in the post about El Chupacabras is connected to the Equinox. I don't know, but I wouldn't imagine that El Chupacabras of legend reads the calendar. That leaves human weirdos and space aliens to explain the caprine exsanguinations in Sarpy County. The Omaha metro has more weirdos than space aliens. I hope.

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