September 12, 2005

Evacuation a success

I can't honestly say I followed the "Big Evacuation" very closely. I figure most folks know how to keep their heads out of the water. What I did hear made me wonder why everyone was blaming everyone else. For what? Looked to me like the evacuation we got wasn't so awful.

We all knew N.O. mayor Nagin and LA Gov. Blanco were bungling lightweights 'way before Katrina. And we knew that poor folks tricked into depending on a system that then fails them can get mean and nasty. Nobody really wants the Feds running the show in their town until the local dolts they've elected show they can't. Given all this, I'm not surprised to see this post at Wizbang: "With each passing day it is becoming increasingly clear that the evacuation of New Orleans was a phenomenal success."

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