September 12, 2005

Rewilding the Great Plains

The tweed jacket with elbow patches crowd are at it again. They know what we need to make ours a better world. They have a plan: the rewilding of the Great Plains: USA Today.

My Dad tells about picking up a New Yorker at the airport in Des Moines. On the long drive across Iowa to Omaha, the vistor commented that she had, "never seen so much wasteland." Because it wasn't developed, it was just wasteland, I guess. I wonder what she would think about western Nebraska or Wyoming?

These rewilders aren't just the 'give it all back to the buffaloes' crowd, whose chief proponent, Jane Fonda's ex, Ted Turner, has been buying up huge tracts of the Great Plains for years. These new cats want to rewild our prairies with African wildlife. Lions and elephants and more would roam the 'wasteland', if they get their way.

These pointy headed professors must think nobody owns this land now, or if they do, they just haven't found any good use for it yet. Grazing cattle and raising feed crops don't fit into their PETAfied view of proper land use. If Bush doesn't care about blacks, then these vapid elitists don't care about farmers and ranchers. Peasants, I guess.

I'm going to predict that this rewilding baloney never happens.

More proof Nebraskans won't like rewilding: Monkeys shot for escaping zoo!
**OK, they were chimps. Chimpanzee, orangutan, baboon, ape, it doesn't matter. They are all monkeys to me. It won't make any difference to you, either, when they get into your chicken house.

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