September 13, 2005

KFAB's Stone outs Omaha's 'Social Victims'

I am listening to KFAB radio (1110 AM in Omaha) at the Feedlot today. The host of the Tom Becka show (who isn't Tom, but Charlie Stone, so I'm liking it) is venting his frustration with the city's gang and dope related shootings. These shootings are getting worse, it seems. He blames the problem on PARENTS who fail to bring up their kids to do right. He's right, but he won't identify our Great Society socialist experiments as the cause of the paucity of parenting.

These young men with guns are trying to get back a manhood the Great Society took from them. They are victims, albeit not sympathetic ones. I'm afraid it is too late for them; they are busted clocks. Just throw them away. And don't try to be your kids' best friend!

Marxist thought stinks on ice.

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