October 20, 2005

Bird Flu - No worries in Argentina

Now that certain migratory birds are starting to fly across the Bering Strait, researchers in Alaska are swabbing birds' butts with q-tips. If the H5N1 avian flu is heading for the US, at least we'll get some warning. What to do about it is another question. Fall into the "grip of fear" the BBC reports in Europe and Asia?

Here's a suggestion from Gines Gonzalez Garcia, the Minister of Health in Argentina: move to Argentina: "'If I had to choose a place to be, it would be Argentina,' Argentine Health Minister Gines Gonzalez Garcia said, referring to a country's location at the very bottom of South America -- what tourist brochures like to call 'the end of the world.'" I guess he figures that will be the last place the predicted pandemic will arrive. Want to invest in Patagonian condos?

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