October 18, 2005

Guns guns guns

Regarding this headline: U.S. Murder Rate Hits 40-Year Low

Overlawyered has an interesting observation stating the obvious, "When Florida passed a law in 1987 making it easier for citizens to get licenses to carry concealed firearms, opponents predicted that blood would run in the streets ... instead, Florida's murder rate has been cut in half since then."

The Chicago Sun-Times has, on the other hand, this odd claim: Chicago drives down murder rate. The article goes on to completely ignore the obvious fact that Americans are fighting back against crime by arming themselves, and positing every posiible reason cime is down but the obvious. Like, 'all the crooks are in jail'. The Chicago writers even suggest that increased terrorism might be keeping the murderers at home!

Charles, a Great Plains blogger at Job 21:3, who harbors 'reasonable' gun control views, gets it properly sorted out here: Gun Control Means Hitting Your Target, even while dizzy from the thin air in Denver.

Stand your ground against crime!

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