October 18, 2005

Vikings Sex Boat Update

Georgia Hookers Board Viking Boat
I see from the "search words" that land unsuspecting folks here that the pictures reportedly taken during the Minnesota Vikings orgy cruise on Lake Minnetonka aren't easy to find yet. All these gomer hits indicate the growing popularity of this stupid story. Like nobody thought football players could be nekultury.

Today the cat that tipped the Feeder to the pictures in the first place, Brian at a day in the life has discovered that the Vikings had hired the hookers from out of state!
The Minnesota Vikings bring in gobs of money from Minnesota residents, give back to the community. Use local, homegrown intercourse professionals on the next sex cruise. And we all know that something like this will happen... it's only a matter of time.
No Minnesota story is complete without a Norwegian in it. This one is no exception, as Pharyngula points out.
You need two pieces of information to understand this story: our state football team, the Vikings, had a sex party on a boat; and the Minneapolis newspaper, the Star Tribune, recently hired a right-wing hack as a columnist. Put those two together, and the results are predictable: a whine about decadent liberal values. Fortunately, we've got Norwegianity to slap that nonsense down.
The old feeder confesses to being half Norwegian, it comes from my mother's side. I have relatives named Knut. Some time ago I came across Norwegianity, seeking fellow lutefisk eaters in the blogosphere. I had to delete my bookmark though. The cat that writes it reminds me of my sorry-ass norsky relatives. They are all Democrats. The ones that aren't commies.

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