October 14, 2005

Hagel to speak at Iowa State University

I can't wait. Senator Chuck Hagel will be making a foreign policy speech at my old Alma Mater, Iowa State University. I quit sending ISU money the first time they paid Jane Fonda to speak there. The last time I was in Ames, the place had become a typical collegiate leftist bastion. They should love Chuck, especially if he engages in further Bush Bashing.

The Lincoln Journal Star goes on to report that, "Hagel has accepted speaking engagements on a number of campuses, including Harvard, Notre Dame and Kansas State University." There is always hope he will use the speech to announce his non candidacy for the 2008 Republican Presidential nomination.
Senator Hagel will also appear on CBS' Face the Nation this weekend, along with Joe Biden. Maybe they can be third party running mates.

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