October 28, 2005

Karl Rove slips the noose

Indictments were brought today in the matter of 007ess Valerie Plame's deep cover CIA connections being deliberately blown. Another Rovian Conspiracy sums it up well as the Fitzmas Letdown. Here's what I think of these Washington, D.C. antics:

This faked up offense was a political ploy from the outset, and involved the jamming up of political enemies by summoning a "Grand Jury", and taking tons of 'testimony' from witnesses compelled to appear without an attorney.

The prosecutor sways the dimwits on the jury; they issue indictments. But the real plan, or at least a fallback plan, is from the outset, to get an indictment for a 'crime' committed by a hapless witness under badgering by the prosecutor.

These 'crimes' usually amount to a witness' having failed to get his story straight. Maybe the witness doesn't tell the whole truth, or he might be just evasive. Perhaps he does tell a lie. In these cases, because the prosecutor has a big hard-on for the witness, it doesn't really matter. In this case, a Mr. Libby, whom I never heard of before he was called as a witness, lied about lying to qoute Kevin Aylward at Wizbang: "Libby is being charged for lying about lying to NBC's Russert and Time's Matt Cooper."

If misguided, or, perish the thought, biased judges allow these abuses to go unrestrained, the power of a Grand Jury can be as oppressive as any of the more nefarious machinations of government. And as ugly as any of the worst manifestations of political skullduggery.

This crap doesn't belong in a courtroom. It isn't within the proper purvey of any prosecutor. It is politics and it should be played out in the newspapers, on the internet, with posters and billboards. From soap-boxes and hay bales. The political assassin's bullet or bomb is no more dangerous than the government prosecutor's hangman.
Meanwhile, who remembers why the Grand Jury was convened in the first place? Was it to root out liars? Did the prosecutor intend to cleanse the White House of quibblers or those as confuse easily under inquisition? No. He was supposed to indict someone, if indeed there was someone, for blowing Valerie Plame's phony baloney CIA cover. Well, who done it? Who really cares?

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