October 28, 2005

Something to worry about besides indictments

Experiment #3
If you are old enough, you will remember the ads in comic books for the X-Ray Gogs. The glasses that would allow you to see through stuff.

Then came the scare stories about how airports and other high risk public places were going to install some sort of mysterious scanners that could see through clothing like this:

Nobody seemed to like this idea, because the millimeter wave x-ray devices were expensive, big as phone booths, and produced 'immodest' images.

Yesterday the old feeder, having nothing better to do while his broken foot mends, decided to check out the "Other Feeder", a blog from Romania that features techno-modern stuff. There I found an article about a simple filter that you can screw onto certain models of Sony cameras and camcorders to get the same result as the kids who bought the X-Ray Gogs pruriently expected, and that the costly millimeter wave x-ray machines really do produce. And they are cheap.

The Tokyo company that sells them, Kaya Optics, has some gosh-awful "Experiments" they use to illustrate how their version of x-ray vision works. That is where the ridiculous pictue , Eperiment #3, at the top of this post was lifted. You really need to see these experiments. I guess the idea was to show its clothes penetrating ability without being 'immodest'. But the result is quite funny. The mannequin they use looks like an inflatable sex toy smeared with lipstick.

Next time you see some cat videotaping your daughter, he just might be producing a porno flic. Now isn't that more fun than worrying about which political hack will get indicted today?

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