October 24, 2005

MicroLnk Wireless Broadband

Earlier this month, the old feeder reported that broadband internet access had finally arrived at the feedlot. I promised then that I would plug the provider if the service turned out to be as advertised.

Well, I'm happy to report that the service I'm getting from MicroLnk is excellent. Not only were they able to get my installation done fast and professionally, but the connection is solid, speedy and reliable, so far. And the bits fly at the same speed up as down, unlike some types of broadband. A big reason I selected MicroLnk (note that there is no 'i' in the second syllable) was that real people right in my neck of the woods answer their phone.

The sales person I first contacted offered a straight-up deal. They charge for speed/bandwidth. (No BS like I got from Qwest: only $19.95/mo... well, thats only for two months, then it goes to $39.99... well, thats only so if you get your long distance and buy your car insurance from Qwest also... if not, the price goes to $59.99, and so forth. I never did get a straight price from any of the far-flung cats I talked to at Qwest.) Other outfits I called didn't seem interested, weren't local, and none could even promise that someone would get back to me within two weeks. MicroLnk didn't try to trick me; I waited until my first bill arrived to make sure everything was jake before posting this plug.

Karina is customer service at MicroLnk, and she is as delightful to chat with as she is eager to help. I already mentioned that the cats who came out to the feedlot to install my antenna and hook it up to the Feedlot network were pros. Nice guys, too. They never once made fun of the old feeder's unconventional living arrangements, (like my asking them to pee in the grove to save strain on my lethargic septic tank).

If you live in the Omaha-Lincoln Megalopolis of Nebraska, and would like to check them out, here is a map of their coverage area:

The service is 'line of sight' so MicroLnk offers a free 'site survey' to see if you can get a good signal. Call them in Lincoln at 328-8600, elsewhere call toll-free at 866-795-6565. Choose option 3 to get Karina.

Should you call the folks at MicroLnk, be sure to tell them P.T. Gustan from the Plains Feeder sent you. Karina will be extra nice to you, and the old feeder will get a small kick-back to put towards his Fall septic tank pumping!

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