October 11, 2005

More disaster-justified gun grabbery

Michelle Malkin says , "another good reason not to move back to the Katrina disaster area" is that FEMA doesn't allow 'refugees' to keep their guns. Once you put yourself in mother Gummint's loving care, you won't need self-defense any more. That is the theory.

Michelle also has a link to the Second Amendment Foundation, a good outfit that hasn't the membership numbers of the NRA, but has them beat in the 'balls' category. Nothing says you can't belong to both.

The NRA and the Katrina gun grab - part II
NRA responds to Katrina gun grab
Americans just plain don't want niggers to have guns

Update: Gun nut Jeff at Alphecca covers FEMA's anti-gun slant in his Weekly Check on the Bias.

I can't explain the swimming piglets.

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