October 13, 2005

Vikings Gone Wild

Al & Alma's Minnetonka Sex Cruises
What has become of the Minnesota Vikings? The behavior of some of the team members on a cruise on Lake Minnetonka was so lewd and lascivious that the crew members are threatening to sue . (I guess there is a civil cause of action in Minnesota for having one's sensibilities offended.) Prostitutes, sex on the deck, oral sex in the cabin, mechanical sex toys everywhere, and masturbation are all alleged. Criminal charges may also be filed; soliciting prostitution and 'lawn urination' being the most likely. Watch the possibly offensive video at WCCO. Greg Hunt of Insanti County News suggests worldly Minnesotans aren't shocked.

Update: Al and Alma's crews say pictures were taken at the Vikings boat party. H/T: a day in the life.

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