November 08, 2005

le Beurger King Muslim -

Beurger King Muslim - Clichy-sous-Bois, France
Six Meat Buffet's post, Projecte Quel Dommage where bloggers can post their own “Sorry France!” pictures in the manner of the sorry assed Sorry Everybody project. One of the posts featured a blogger urging the French to cheer up because "at least they aren't opening a McDonald's in your town".Would a Muslim Burger King be insulting enough to set off a riot?
How about one right in Clichy-sous-Bois, where the rioting began? One featuring "halal bakon"? There is such a riot starter, pictured above and described at NovoPress. Pardon their French.

This is additional proof that Bush's unchecked globalist plans to ruin the whole world are the root cause of the burning unrest in France. I'd burn my town, too, if I was a French muslim who had to eat at Burger King, no matter how you spell it. If that isn't reason enough, Ryne McClaren has the lowdown on how "Bush's actions in Iraq" are to blame for the French riots.
Thank you for choosing Burger King and Salaam Aleikum!

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