November 07, 2005

Feedlot Poll: Senator Chuck Hagel's big mouth

The Plains Feeder has been waging a campaign to get senator Chuck Hagel to stop his constant back-biting and quibbling with the Bush Administration's policies. To my ear, he sounds more like a Democrat Bush Basher with every weekend "talking heads" appearance. Comparing Iraq to Viet Nam is the Hagelism that burns me up the most. But it doesn't stop there.

I know someone from the US Senate reads the Plains Feeder almost every weekday. These visits show up on Site Meter like this one from this morning:

I like to think it is Chuck, or at least one of his minions checking in, and that he will see the results of our poll. So look over in the sidebar on the right for the plains Feeder Poll, cast your vote, and let senator Hagel know what you think of his pesidential aspirations and his public attacks on Bush. Note that the questions are carefully framed to give absolutely accurate statistical results. There is no margin of error.

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