November 01, 2005

Mackiel and Fahey: The Empire Strikes Again-

Omaha Mayor Fahey
Plains Feeder's hit counter tells me people are still interested in the progress of the unholy alliance between Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey and Omaha Public Schools Superintendant John Mackiel. As the Feeder has reported, these two are plotting to enlarge the influence of their little "Island of Blue" in the otherwise Red State of Nebraska.

The Fahey troops are wont to gobble up neighboring towns, engulfing them by force into Greater Omaha by annexation. Mackiel's minions in the bloated Public School bureaucracy and his secret agents in the Nebraska Education Association work to grab up all the schools in Greater Omaha by surprise and legalistic subterfuge, thus aiding Fahey by providing an indoctrinated youth base. Both factions lust for the tax money they can smell in the West.

Josh Allen, a fearless member of the underground, has a great new report from behind the lines. Read his latest communique here: The M-F Empire At It Again. Josh tkes great risks, posing as a Democrat school teacher, while ratting out his colleagues in his blog. Read it now, before he becomes another desaparecido.
Thanks to Abe at Don't Let Me Stop You, for the Mackiel-Fahey slogan.
Update: the Nebraska Citizen is a new blog covering Nebraska electoral politics.

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