November 01, 2005

The real Dubya is back

I only read one cat blog regularly, but I have to tell you, felines can be very deep. Really take a few minutes to dig into Notes from Ferdy the Conservative Cat today. Don't let the title, Seeking a Decision by Al-Qaeda in Wilson v. Alito, confuse you. It is about President Bush.
The George W. Bush who nominated Samuel Alito is unconcerned about his critics across the aisle and committed to his conservative base. The real Dubya is back, and he's not slinking around and hiding any more.
I always liked the real Dubya.
More about Sam Alito, Jr.: Now the big worry is that he is Catholic. This fact has triggered a Barking Moonbat Warning. Not that there is anything wrong with being a nice Catholic boy, of course. But the thought is that there are enough justices who bend their knee to the Beast in Rome on the Supreme Court already. The Pope would have a majority on the court! ¡Que horor!
Update: Let me get this straight. If he is Catholic, then he can't be Jewish, can he?

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