November 17, 2005

New York Times to add new section: Corrections

The old gray lady of American journalism, the New York Times, has been fact-corrected by bloggers so often that their "Corrections Page" has grown large enough to merit a complete section of it's own. The new section, to be called For the Damn Record, will be aimed at stemming the huge volume of letters and e-mails the Times receives every day demanding corrections and apologies . "This will have less of a chilling effect on the creativeness of our writers than draconian editorial policies requiring them to be diligent and truthful.", said editor Bill Keller.

Every day, For the Damn Record will feature an In Depth Correction or Retraction lead story on the front page. The first issue will showcase the Times' coverage of the Valerie Plame leak. The Times now believes it was actually Dick Cheneywho unmasked the sexy, super secret 007'ess to prevent her covert husband from revealing how Bush lied about Iraq's WMD program. Previous lies about the matter will be corrected, and some scurrilous accusations will be retracted.

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