November 17, 2005

US broadcast infrastructure penetrated by al-Qaeda

More evidence has emerged that the US television bradcast system has been penetrated by Islamo-terrorists. The Feeder thinks this evidence points to al-Qaeda. The pupose is not to spy on the US. (The Chinese already have a lock on that, and may well provide their intel product to al-Qaeda, but that is another story.) The reasons for al-Qaeda's planting of agents sympathetic to the Islamic Jihad into the highest echelons of the US broadcast television entertainment industry can be stated in two words: propaganda and disinformation (P&D).

The key elements of this long in the works P&D operation directed at the American people are spelled out by Jay Tea in his Wizbang post this morning. Jay names NBC as a clear example of this subversion of our airwaves. Here are the basic tenets of the television entertainment P&D campaign against the US, according to Jay Tea:
Muslims are all innocent victims.
Illegal aliens are also all innocent victims.
The real dangers to society are Christians and the Minutemen.
Black is white. Up is down. Right Is Wrong.
Joseph Goebbels couldn't have done a better job if there had been European TV to subvert in the 1930's. We have known about the propaganda and disinformation in Hollywood for years. Since Dan Rather got caught at it, we have known that the television news departments have been penetrated by our enemies. Now it is time to unveil this enemy penetration of the television entertainment industry.
Update: Guest blogger Bryan Preston sitting in for Michelle Malkin singles out NBC TV's "Law and Order" show for smearing of that most American of institutions, the Minutemen. The enemy infiltration of the airwaves is becoming blatantly obvious.

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