November 06, 2005

Previously sighted mountain lion killed in Omaha area

WOWT photo
A roadkill mountain lion was found along Interstate 80 just east of 144th Street, reports WOWT TV. It was a good sized one. Probably hit by a car. The folks who have been reporting mountain lions in their back yards and such are clearly vindicated. I still think the city folks view these creatures as welcome additions to our urban bio-diversity. The WOWT web site headline reads "Mountain Lion Dies". Poor kitty.
Update: Omaha blogger Michelle who saw the lion in her back yard got this news posted here before I did. Her comment to an earlier mountain lion sighting post affirms this was the same cat she saw in her back yard:
Behind my house , where I sighted this mountain lion, is all wooded area that is all trees and corn fields, (and a couple farm houses) all the way to Interstate 80 and 144th. I'm convinced this is the mountain lion I saw. Which is kind of scarey since I figured he was long gone by now. Only to find out tonight he was still back there.
Michelle wishes the big cat could have been caught and released. I'm just glad this one won't be dragging any little kids into the bushes. There may well be more mountain lions around. Where there's one...

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