November 04, 2005

Psychic claims $25 million Saddam reward

Saddam being tortured in US custody
Click the picture to see what US CIA goons did to him
From Al-Bawaba: Psychic demands $25 million for finding Saddam:
A Brazilian psychic is demanding that the United States pay him $25 million as a reward for directing US troops to Saddam Hussein's exact hiding place in 2003.
Jucelino Nobrega Da Luz claims to have sent letters to the U.S. Government beginning in September 2001 with exact location of Saddam's hiding place, though he never received a reply from US authorities.
Jucelino, or 'Little Juice' as he is known here at the Feedlot, is serious, but people outside of Brazil are laughing. If Jucelino can see the future, he must already know he will get the reward money. Otherwise, why would he bother to sue?

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