November 04, 2005

Feedlot Expedient Medicine II

The Walking Cast
Regular readers will recall that the old feeder dropped a steel grease gun on his left instep a couple of weeks ago. Because field expedient medicine and home remedies have always appealed to my deep current of miserliness, I opted to treat the apparently fractured metatarsal(s) with a feedlot expedient cast of newspaper and tape.

But more study of the matter suggested that the more immobilizing casts have fallen from favor among real doctors. Not wanting to be thought of as out of the medical mainstream, I improvised a 'walking cast' of the sort deemed suitable in the current (read: not yet discredited) literature. It is pictured above. The Air Force's medical self-help web site suggested avoiding a cast altogether, except when the foot is too painful. My foot hurts.
The reader might note that, in the Air Force guide linked above almost all of the suggested solutions involve resorting to home treatment:
You have to give them credit for trying to save the taxpayers a buck. No more expensive malingering at sick call, by golly. You fix your foot yourself and report for duty, soldier!

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