November 19, 2005

Republicans reply to "Cut and Run" - "Put Up or Shut Up"

The House Republicans called the Democrats out on their recent desperate round of politicizing our successes on the Iraq front of the war on Jihad terrorists. You know, the "Our troops have become the enemy. We need to change direction in Iraq," Democrat noise made by Rep. John Murtha of Pennsylvania, who finally said it: pull out the troops and declare a Viet-Nam style defeat.

Well, they got what they never wanted a straight up or down vote on the idea. The cowards lost 403-3. I say cowards because most Democrats lacked the guts to vote the way their mouths have been running lately.

The Democrat idiots that put Murtha up to this now claim the vote was "political". Well, yes, it was. Isn't that what happens in Congress? Votes on political matters? Ha ha, is all I can say.
The old feeder notes that the lefties are wont to call Murtha their "Hawk". I guess they have to, since John Kerry's swiftboat heroics were shown to be lies and the rest of them are avowed cut and run sissies.

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