November 19, 2005

More Mountain Lions

Mountain lion mania is what the Omaha KM3TV News tonight called the recent string of sightings. They report this sighting:
A middle school kept students indoors Friday, after someone thought they saw a mountain lion. The possible sighting happened Friday in Valley, Nebraska. A person called 911 just after the sighting near a YMCA and not far from the middle school. School officials kept students indoors for the rest of the day. They also called parents to pick up their kids as a precaution. A few weeks ago, a dead mountain lion was found on Interstate 80 near Gretna.
I really need to think up some poll questions. I'd like to get a sense of what other folks think we ought to do, if anything, about the apparently increasing lion population. How long before the Nebraska rewilding underground suggests that 'mountain lion mania' is really only mass hysteria?

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