November 18, 2005

Senator John Kerry - Old Can't-Do Face

Old Can't-Do Face
Senator and sore loser John Kerry speaks in support of John 'White Flag' Murtha's desperate proposal to pull a Viet-Nam style cut and run. His Can-Do Face is now melted into a Can't Do Face. What a tremendous endorsement. I guess he would know a bit about losing, both campaigns and wars. I'm making a shit list. Anyone who votes to give up and go home instead of voting to fight on to victory in Iraq is going on it. The Democrats and and some RINOs really want to turn this war into another Viet-Nam. They want us to lose.
Foolishness begets foolishness. No photoshopping at the Plains Feeder! No sir. We use Paint Shop Pro! The original, heavily copyrighted photo may be seen here. I'm going to take a nerve pill now, and sit back and wait for the copyright police to lob that first incendiary tear gas cannister through my window.

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