November 18, 2005

Omaha Mayor Fahey to 'Mediate' OPS school take-over

"I'll watch the coop", said Fahey the fox
Omaha's annexation-happy Mayor Mike Fahey has offered to mediate the OPS dispute. As you may recall, that fight started when the Omaha Public School district suddenly announced it was going grab up tax money from west Omaha without asking. When the other school districts on their target list complained, OPS, to their everlasting shame, played the race card. OPS can't even integrate the schools it has now; just how engulfing their neighbors will help OPS bridge this race divide is unfathomable.

Now comes Mayor "Annex Douglas County" Fahey, claiming to be impartial, to the rescue. He is offering to mediate the dispute. Read about it here at WOWT news. Talk about getting the fox to guard the chicken house! Fahey has made his expansionist and agglomerative tendencies in the continuing annexation issue. Fahey's claim of impartiality is the "Big Lie" of the week.

Of course the shiftless bureaucrats at OPS think this is a great idea, as will their equally crazed Bellevue cronies. I doubt if the Millarders will get suckered.

The old feeder has no kids and doesn't care whether Fahey annexes all of Douglas County. But to take over towns and school districts to increase your tax base without regard for the self determination interests of those being taken over is just plain wrong. This is America, and local control of our schools and municipal governments is fundamental to our way of life. Centralization, consolidation, annexation and unification projects should never be undertaken lightly. The OPS Fahey plans make no room for free choice and self determination.

The tiny island of blue in the red state of Nebraska that is Omaha has no right to impose their blueness on their neighbors. Cure your own ills, OPS. Stop trying to rob your neighbors to finance your incompetence.
Blogs that cover the OPS takeover fiasco: Omaha Schools News and The House of Hosh. If you know of any other bloggers (from either side) that are following this issue, drop me an e-mail and I'll include them here.

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