November 17, 2005

Still Developing: Omar al-Faruq, the CIA and al Qaeda

The Plains Feeder reads the Jakarta Post so you don't have to
This post is a continuation of an earlier post that I have been updating and reposting for several days. I don't know how to handle a slowly unfolding story in a blog, so bear with me. I think this story will become important, mostly on the basis of how it smells to me. Parts of the story we have so far just don't add up. Either something is going to pop, or Omar al-Faruq (or al-Farouk or al-Farouq or al-Farook or al-Faruk) will be murdered, and I don't mean martyred. If you haven't plodded your tedious way through the first post, this one won't make much sense.
Update: From Bangladesh comes Mac Haque at Mac's Savoury ChorChoriz! with a report that "a former State Intelligence Agency (BIN) director, told The Jakarta Post on Friday that he had strong grounds to suspect a hidden agenda behind the escape of al-Farouq". I note that the Jakarta Post has a habit of changing the URL's of some stories, so Mac's link won't work. Read the story here.

More: Mac Powell In the Bullpen suggested that the point of staging Omar's escape was to get to Osama bin Laden. If I was bin Laden, I wouldn't let Omar anywhere near me. Omar is, in my opinion, already dead.

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