December 08, 2005


Today, just for the hell of it, I'd like to propose a distinction that us die-hard coffee drinkers would just as soon didn't exist. And that is the difference between medicinal coffee and recreational coffee. I think most of you fiends - and you know who you are - could just as well write this blog yourselves.

Knowing the difference is the trick and I don't presume to have any easy answers, myself being drowned in an oh- so- sweet addiction. There's an old Turkish adage that describes my fondness for the bean: Coffee should be black as hell, sweet as love and strong as death. With that in mind I would consider an eye-opening cup in the A.M. as medicinal. After that the line between medicinal and recreational becomes blurry in a hurry.

I won't go into the further notion of self-abuse. As a coffee drinker it makes no sense to drink something with the accompanying thought that it's bad for me. However, for those who are interested in how much caffeine it would take to kill you check out this web site.

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