December 08, 2005

More stuff re: Omar al-Faruq, the CIA and al Qaeda

For a larger image, look closer
I hadn't seen this graphic from the New York Times until I saw it in this Sydney Morning Herald story: "Al-Qaeda man's easy jail escape". It just reprints the earlier NYT story about the escape of Al-Qaeda terrorist turned CIA informant Omar Faruq's miraculous escape from Bhagram Prison last summer. You will get more of the NYT story here, if you can stand it.

How in the dickens would these NYT reporters know anything at all about "possible escape routes"? Either these cats are making it up or they have swallowed the currently operative official line, hook and sinker. Sounds like a put-up job to me. Remember, the same sources the NYT cites for this story weren't even owning up that Omar was missing from jail until months after the fact. Suddenly, they are credible?
Previous posts in the Plains Feeder concerning the escape of Omar Al-Faruk (aka Umar al-Farouk, al-Farouq, al-Farook, al-Faruk, Aw-Fook and sometimes Mahmoud bin Ahmad Assegaf) here and here.

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