December 26, 2005


In a previous post I considered coffee as medicinal, recreational and ultimately suicidal. The average joe can count on dying with his eyes wide open if he drinks 50-100 cups of drip grind in a day. It's good to respect the power of this popular beverage. Some people can't handle it well at all and are wise to avoid it.

An article in U.S. News & World Report all but touts coffee as the world's most perfect food. If you happen to be a drinker and are interested in the results of some test studies that will help you to fully appreciate just how smart you are for having the good (healthful) sense to wire yourself every day, then check out the article. Afterwards, pour yourself a cup and drink it with the knowledge that you're protecting yourself from many diseases along with energizing yourself and giving yourself a mild lift from occaisional depression.

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