January 18, 2006

Laura Bush calls Hillary Clinton ridiculous

Laura Bush 'off the Plantation'
Hillary Clinton said the Congress is just a plantation, (and you know what she means), to suck up to racialist crowd in Harlem on MLK day. Laura Bush, a genuine lady and not one to use harsh language, responded by calling the plantation statement "ridiculous". As you can see from the photo, Laura Bush refuses to pander to the racialists, even going so far as to wear her 'cracker duds' to a Negro dress-up function.
New Orleans' idiot Mayor Ray 'Schoolbus' Nagin says he regrets claiming that it was "God's will" that NOLA be restored to its former chocolateness, (and you know what he means). I don't doubt that he does; he must be used to regretting his words by now. But Nagin's chocolate statement reminded me of an old joke that I heard when I was working in D.C. at the time of the March on Washington. The joke was considered to be in bad taste even then, but the folks at my job had plenty of bad taste. It goes like this:
Q: Why do they call Washington, D.C. Hershey-town?
A: Because it is 90% chocolate and 10% nuts.
The 'nuts' in the joke were analogous to the white folks who ran the government, and, of course, you know what 'chocolate' stands for. I bet you won't hear any pols telling that one. But then, who would have guessed Ray Nagin would have said his 'chocolate' piece. It just gets worse and worse.

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