January 19, 2006


I recently reported on Storm Lake, Iowa's, one and - hopefully- only representative of MS-13, the violent El Salvadoran gang that's making a home for themselves in these United States. Juaquin Pineda fired random shots on three occasions, presumably with a stolen 9mm pistol, and then he was a wanted man.

Now he's in a North Carolina jail waiting for a ride back to Storm Lake's Buena Vista County Jail. That's the way things are supposed to work and it's probably not a newsworthy event but I think I'll try to keep track of it.

In the interest of good blogging I should add that the SUR XIII tatoo on the back of his neck is the only evidence I have of any association with MS-13. For all I know he could be a packing house worker who got some ink on his neck to scare people.

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