February 27, 2006

If Satan bought soybeans...

Castro gives a reacharound to his Venezuelan lover, Hugo Chavez
If Satan bought soybeans, the Nebraska State Department of Agriculture would send a delegation to Hell. Read about our short-sighted state's desire to become business partners with the most oppressive Marxist dictator in the western hemisphere, Fidel Castro, at KETV.com. I suppose it is a good thing that Osama bin Laden isn't buying beef, or we would be courting him with a trade delegation.

Nebraskans should call the Governor's office on this one. Sure we need the business, but we need to keep our self respect intact as well. We shouldn't help this asshole dictator spread anti-Americanism and communism just to line our own pockets.
For those readers too young to remember, too well indoctrinated by perfidious public schools to know, or so deluded by the Marxist influenced MSM as to be unaware of Castro's long record of tyranny at home and his efforts to spread his "revolucion" beyond Cuba to South America and Africa, I suggest Babalu blog. It is a great starting point, and the good cubiche blogs linked there will open your ojos. The Plains Feeder is proud to be counted as an honorary cubiche at Babalu.
Addendum: ¡Ya No Mas! has the story here.
Update: KNEB Farm Radio in Scotts Bluff reports that Governor Dave Heineman might be visiting Cuba himself. (He has been there before, but for some unknown reason, went in August.) How long does he think his spoon is, that he might dine with that devil Castro? Does anyone know if the Governor likes cigars and/or rum?

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