February 23, 2006

Lethal injections: Good enough for grandma; too painful for murderers

Medical Professionals?
Remember the ugly stories of hospitals euthanizing instead of evacuating their helpless patients during the immediate aftermath of hurricane Katrina? The Feeder blogged them here and here. well, it appears that there might have been some truth to the stories of doctors and other care-givers putting their own patients to death with hot shots. These cats are accused of killing those under their care that were too old or sick to be moved easily. So they could skedaddle out of harm's way without having to say they abandoned their charges.

These same doctors and nurses, who were allegedly overheard telling their doomed patients, "I'm going to give you something to make you feel better" as they administered the deadly injections would probably agree with the anti death penalty 'medical professionals' in California pictured above. The ones who worry that there might be some actual suffering involved in dying from a shot of poison. They took the same oath, no?

Let me sum up; lethal injections cause too much pain for a wretched condemned murderer, but the same shots are OK when called euthanasia or 'mercy killing' and administered to someone's hospitalized grandma. At least such killings are OK if there is a storm approaching and the 'medical professionals' need to get home. No contradiction here?
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