March 07, 2006

'Chilling Effect' not always a bad thing.

Jay Bennish's ugly beard
click pic for more of Jay's new look
It was good to see Jay Bennish appear on the carpet, even if it was the cushy one the Old Media's Matt Lauer had for him. (NewsBusters) Wizbang has more here. Rush Limbaugh talked about it on the air, and noted that it was a good thing to see this poseur shown up for what he is. Rush seemed to think Mr. Bennish felt he was being punished for what he said. I hope he is right. These cats need to be flushed out; shown for what they are. What better way than to hear them exercising their freedom of speech for ourselves.

The communist propaganda pushers in our public shools better start wondering if they are being taped at their treacherous preaching. The new digital recorders are so tiny they make the cold war era bugs I knew and loved seem positively clunky. If thinking about this possibility chills the Marxist ardor of even one twerp like Mr. Bennish, it will be worth it.
Jay Bennish: "Its hard out here for a pimp communist pedagogue."

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