March 02, 2006

Jay Bennish: Public School Teacher and Communist Agent

Jay Bennish
Not-so-secret communist recruiter and brainwasher Jay Bennish has been busted in Colorado. This idiot doesn't even look smart enough to be a geography teacher. Not only is he a communist agent working to subvert the American way by posing as a harmless, John Denver-ish world geography teacher, but I'm betting his type are also responsible for the grotesque answers Jay Leno gets from his "Jay Walking" geography questions. He probably doesn't even think there ought to be borders. Michelle Malkin has a good, up-to-date post on this creep, including audio of the commie crap talk one of his hep students taped in an actual class session.
In related news: March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. Check out some victims right here.
Update: Michelle Malkin rounds up even more reaction to the Jay Bennish, Junior Communist Agent story. including a link to a geography quiz, where you can see how you might fare should you get caught on the street by Jay Leno.

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