March 16, 2006

Feedlot Frustrations

I had three blog posts ready to go yesterday. Then my router developed amnesia, and the dyslectic old feeder had a swell afternoon forcing numbers to stand still long enough to form the correct IP addresses. I guess my brain rewires itself as I sleep; this morning I was able to configure the Feedlot Network easily.

To save time, I figured I would write one big post on the three subjects I had for yesterday. It was nearly finished when I must have made a wry click or two, making the morning's work vanish into the ether. Now I'm disgusted. I won't write these stupid posts again!

So, here are the pictures I had ready for yesterday. . Google up some links and write your own damn story.
Updated: 3/16/2006 8:57:46 PM - Please forgive my earlier rude behavior. The links that were intended to go with the photographs have been added to the grudgingly wriiten captions. I'm sure it was my fault, not Blogger's, that my earlier copy got tipped into the bit bucket, but it just won't come back the same.
3/16/2006 - Blogger still says "There were errors" when I try to publish these updates. I give up.

Migrating Sandhill Cranes are in Nebraska
Watch them now, before global warming, the weakening geomagnetic field, or avian flu ruins the Central Flyway. As for the bird flu, well, get the pets indoors; stock up on tuna fish and powdered milk.

There is a third case of Mad Cow Disease
But don't worry. Your beef is just fine. Trust me.

Bullfight Season -
More exciting than baseball, the corrida is getting started at Las Ventas in Madrid. What a way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Hang around the Plaza Mayor, get a nice paella de mariscos, go to the bullfight. Don't tell PETA that the old feeder is an aficionado, or likes langostinos on his saffron rice.

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