March 16, 2006

Pimping Taxes Pt 2

Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack gets hair tips from Kerry
The Iowa House has approved their own version of the Senate's ban on the TouchPlay machines. And Governor Vilsack has promised to sign the ban. The Iowa tricks (taxpayers) have apparently tired of this electronic hooker and want to see something new in the government's stable. There's always higher teacher salaries to complement these multi-million dollar schoolhouses we like to build, but that comes right out of our pockets. No, I think it's time to raise cigarette taxes again. The gamblers couldn't smoke while humping the TouchPlay's, but they'll have plenty of time to light up while driving to an out of state Indian reservation to gamble. And we'll need the money to defend ourselves against the inevitable TouchPlay lawsuit.

Government pimping is hard! Someone should write a song....

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