March 20, 2006

Feedlot's "Guess What?" game: Censored?

The old feeder's Guess What post from a while back selected the exact portion of Mother Sheehan's anatomy that al-Jazeera saw fit to censor. Read Michelle Malkin's amusing coverage of the banned muffintop. Nothing like a laugh at the sexual prudishness of these Mohammedans. Even funnier to think, as suggested in the Feedlot Annex, that these jerks might find Cindy's belly to be a 'turn on'. Gag!

Lots of comments at Gateway Pundit. The original "Guess What" post is reproduced below:

Guess What
I have tried this trick once before. It caused Abe of Don't Let Me Stop You to comment:
Well, you might want to put a warning on that picture link.
You try to guess what the picture you see at the top of this post depicts, then click here to see if you are correct.
Updated: Still more laughs.

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